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Tally on Mobile Biz Analyst

Tally anywhere anytime really get your tally erp9 or tally prime data on mobile app biz analyst, make entry in mobile it's sync in tally.

Download 7 days free Trial

Step One

Download desktop sync application where you run Tally ERP9/Tally Prime. Create new account and add companies you want to sync one by one.
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Step Two

After downloading in mobile login with your account and see updated data automatically & start to add entries
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Trusted by more than 150K Tally user businesses

View your Tally business data on the way using Tally on Mobile Biz Analyst App for Android and iOS download here

Why Biz Analyst Mobile App with Tally.ERP 9

Want to make an Invoice from Tally at 9 PM office closed pickup Mobile open Biz Analyst make Invoice share it.

Create Sales/Purchase Orders, Receipts, and Payments from the app, and sync automatically with Tally share with customers via SMS, WhatsApp, and Email. 
Want to make a quotation anytime & share?

Party-wise sales report

Create sales orders, and receipts while visiting customers and share on the spot.

Limited Access to the Sales Team

Track Salesperson Check-in and Check-out time and increase sales team productivity.
Easily Give/remove Restricted access to the sales team.

Automatic payment reminders via email, SMS, and WhatsApp with time intervals from mobile to tally customers.

Upto 50% reduction in payment delays

Track your business anytime, anywhere

Best rated Tally on the mobile app on  Play Store and  App Store download Now

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Setup Instructions

Get 7 days free trial

Step 1

Download Desktop Application where you run Tally.ERP 9 or TALLY PRIME
Windows (7 & above), Windows Server (2008 R2 & above)

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Step 2

Download the Mobile Application on your Android / IOS phone Login with your account & enjoy updated data automatically

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download icon ios.jpg

Essential plan for Business Owner Rs. 3000 +18% GST  for 1 Year

Growth Plan for Sales Team with Data Entry Rs. 3300 +18% GST for 1 Year

Essential Plan for Business Owner Rs. 6000 +18% GST for 2 Year

Offer 6 month free

Growth Plan for Sales Team with Data Entry Rs. 6600 +18% GST 2 Year

Offer 6 month free

Terms & conditions:​

  • Subscription charges are per mobile device per tally license

  • 18% GST applicable on all the plans (Input Tax Credit can be claimed for GST registered businesses)

  • Free Months offer not applicable for adding additional users

For Support, Purchase contact No. +91-8308606677

Track outstanding, Get complete Sales / Purchases Reporting from wherever you are with BizAnalyst. Notifications -BizAnalyst lets you stay updated on every move in your business. The bizAnalyst mobile app accesses your Tally ERP9 or Tally Prime on your desktop in almost real time. This mobile app works Offline.

Tally on Mobile App - Biz Analyst

The Biz Analyst Tally mobile app brings real-time information & allows you to access your Tally ERP9 or Tally Prime data anywhere is internet network available or without internet. It is securely synced with your Tally ERP9 or TALLY PRIME installation. You will see synced data in offline mode even internet is unavailable.

Multiple Reports, dashboards and graphs allow you to make decisions in the office, at meetings, or out on the road. Biz Analyst is not only for the CEO/MD and other company senior management but for everyone who uses tally data while on travel.

With just a few clicks on the mobile phone, be it an  Android or iPhone platform, stay connected with Tally erp9, Tally Prime business in your hand.

Get real time tally data on your mobile
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