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Sleek Bill offline Desktop billing software

Step by step guideline for download

Click on download now a demo here

sleek bill desktop offline gst billing software in which maintain Sale & Inventory.
sleek bill download

Your download should start automatically

1 When the file is downloaded at the bottom of your browser, double-click it!


2 When Security warning appears, click Run

3 After this window will, pop-up just follow the steps

4.After Installation Sleek Bill will get pop up.

3. This pop up contains three options

a) Test: For testing full features with mock database   

b) Continue: For new users who want to check with their own data and company/Shop     name

c) Restore: For existing Sleek Bill user who has the backup file

5. If you want to take a trial with only premium features then you can click over “Continue”

You can see the Company Details Box, in which you need to put your all information of your company like exact Company (Shop) Name, Address, Pin Code, Phone Numbers, e-mail id, etc. b)Carefully Choose your City from Drop Down, select state from the drop-down list only. If you not found your city name then just enter the city name. Add GST no. if available

Select Taxation type If your business registered in GST then select GST from the dropdown. If your business registered in the Composition Scheme then you should choose the Composition Scheme from the dropdown. If you are not still registered in GST then select Traditional

6. Now your company is successfully set up and you can start using the Sleek Bill.













Now click on New Invoice and start making beautiful invoices.

sleek bill download steps
sleek bill download exe file
sleekbill download detail steps
sleek bill desktop download steps
sleek bill invoice format

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