Wear Mask drop Covid 19

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Mission for wear Mask to everyone

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The COVID-19 pandemic drop by wearing mask in Public place

With every mask donated, contribution will be made towards helping frontline workers who protect us from the coronavirus pandemic

According to a collaborative study between five universities from around the world, if 80% of the general population wears masks in public places, the spread of COVID-19 will drop by more than 90%.

Below is a computer simulation graph that randomizes human contact over a 300 day period. The mask percentage fader to see the impact that wearing masks has on the spread of COVID-19. Flat lines represent the end of the pandemic.

Interactive COVID-19 Masking Model

 Graph 0% percentage of population wearing masks

covid19 graph 0%.jpg

 Graph 50% percentage of population wearing masks

covid19 graph 50%.jpg

 Graph 100% percentage of population wearing masks

covid19 graph 100%.jpg

See How to protect yourself against COVID-19 Coronavirus WHO video

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It is important to wear mask everyone to reduce rate of covid 19 coronavirus 

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